Covid-19 Info

by Sea Glo

Your health, the health our team, our families and our community is our top priority!  

Sea Glo operates in full compliance with CDC guidelines and according to national, state and local laws.  We are closely monitoring the pandemic situation and will adjust our business activity and practices as needed.   As always, sanitation is a mandatory standard at Sea Glo.  Our team members have each completed an infection control certification and are committed to practice with the strictest parameters in place.

We are asking our clients to please observe and honor our protocols to keep our work environment sanitary and healthy.  Thank you for your patience!

Client Guidelines

-  Services are limited to those where the client and therapist can both wear a mask. 

-  Clients must have a reservation prior to entering.  No walk in appointments are available.

-  Appointment times have been extended to allow for extra disinfection. Social distancing with 6 feet of space should be observed.  T

-  There will be no waiting area, beverages, reading material or testers available.

-  Clients will be invited into the spa via text or phone call after all cleaning procedures have taken place first.  Please wait in your vehicle or outside the spa. 

-  A face covering over your nose and mouth is required during the entire spa visit.  Please arrive with your own mask.  We have a limited supply available when needed.  

-  A pre-screening health and travel questionnaire must be signed prior to entering.  Clients exhibiting any possible Covid-19 symptoms will be asked to reschedule.

-  Hand washing and confidential temperature check will be completed upon entering the spa.

-  Hand sanitizer, tissues, disposables and disinfectants will be provided throughout the spa.  

-  Please limit personal belongings within the spa. 

-  Clients must arrive to the spa unaccompanied, unless they are a minor arriving with a parent/guardian or have a disability and need a legal guardian who has a power of attorney.  Family members, drivers, friends, etc. will not be allowed.

-  Please ask a team member for assistance in sampling a product.  Testers will be removed.

-  Cashless and paperless transactions are preferred when possible.  We can email or text a copy of the receipt.  

-  Please accept our smile as our handshake or hug.  

-  Talking during the service is discouraged to prevent body fluids from transmitting in the air. 

Team Member Guidelines

-  Team members must take disinfection certification class and strictly adhere to the spa policies for cleaning and disinfection.

-  Mandatory temperature checks and health screening will take place prior to each shift.  Employees with possible Covid symptoms will be asked to go home and seek professional medical testing/screening.

-  Team members will wear a face mask and gloves during each appointment and change gloves after each client and extra when necessary.

-  Social distancing is mandatory with at least 6 feet separating each team member and client pair. 

-  Team members will properly wash hands before and after contact with any client, prepping and cleaning rooms, handling laundry or using the restroom.

-  Line up clean supplies/tools on a clean towel and cover until they are used. 

-  Disinfected tongs will be used when reaching into drawers.

-  Surfaces will be disinfected with an EPA-registered disinfectant according to the specified directions on the label.  We use hospital-grade disinfectants that destroy most bacteria, fungi and viruses.  

-  Clean towels and linens will be changed before and after each client.  Disposable items will be used and immediately discarded after use. 

-  A logbook will be maintained for cleaning, disinfecting treatment areas/equipment.

Spa Cleaning Guidelines

-  All team members will go thru infection control training and receive a certificate prior to working.

-  Clients will be booked with more time between appointments to allow for extra cleaning and disinfection.

-  Social distancing of 6 ft. will be observed.  

-  Each client will be pre-screened using the digital questionnaire through Vagaro.  The liability release must be signed prior to the client entering the spa. 

-  A touchless thermometer will be used to administer client health checks prior to each appointment.  (A digital thermometer with single-use probe cover will be used until the touchless thermometer arrives in the mail.)  We cannot provide a service if the client’s temperature is 100 degrees or more. 

-  All non-necessary items will be removed from the spa including magazines, brochures, testers, décor, drink dispensers, etc.

-  Client correspondence and form signing should be digital whenever possible.

-  Payments should be done using cashless methods whenever possible (credit card, gift card, pay pal.)

-  Employees should wear gloves and glasses when disinfecting. 

-  Carefully apply disinfectant to pre-cleaned large surfaces, such as countertops, or use a disinfectant spray and allow it to remain on the surface for 10 minutes prior to wiping. 

-  Use EPA-registered disinfectants according to the label instructions. 

-  Clean tools with hot, soapy water first, then rinse and soak in a quats solution for a minimum of 10 minutes.  After soaking tools, rinse with water and allow to dry in a covered area.  Store all disinfected tools in a covered container.  

-  Before and after each client, clean and disinfect anything that could come into contact with germs, including chairs, treatment tables, equipment, beds, sinks, armrests, counters, phones, floor mats and door knobs.  

-  Clean restroom after each client, including sink, toilet, door handles, floor, etc.

-  Clean front desk after each client checkout, including credit card machine, phones, pens, etc.

-  Disinfect all equipment after each client use.  Cover with cloth or lid after cleaning.

-  Wipe down all major surfaces with a disinfectant including floors, door handles, counters, light switches, accessible walls, etc. at the end of each day. 

-  Once a week have a 3-consecutive-day “germ reset” period when no person will be allowed to enter the spa.