LED Therapy

LED Light-Based Therapy
Influence Skin Health on a Cellular Level 

A Safe, Low level light therapy that is award-winning and FDA approved!

Amazing science around light therapy focuses on facial rejuvenation based on how specific light waves interact with human cells.  We use the award-winning Celluma Light Panel with the three most results-driven light spectrums including Red, Blue and Infrared.  

  • Delayed wound-healing
    Fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots
    Pain from carpal-tunnel syndrome and arthritis
    Faster healing from diabetic ulcers
    Recurring cold sores
    Scar tissue formation/appearance
    Muscle and joint recovery
    Itching from psoriasis
    Reduces chemotherapy side effects
    Muscle stiffness and spasms
    Reduces appearance of stretch marks 

Red Light - Improves cellular functioning - increases ATP energy

Blue Light - Kills bacteria including p.acnes bacteria found in acne 

Infra Red Light - Healing and reduces pain and stiffness post injury and from arthritis