Microcurrent Therapy


Microcurrent Facial Treatment
Boost cellular health, Lift and Firm
 Next generation microcurrent technology built in 2018 by Neurotris of the US

Feel the lift and firmness immediately with this healthy "face lift alternative."  This Pro-Youth "electric facial” stimulates and tones deep facial muscles and skin tissue to "reprogram" ATP energy within the cells for noticeable skin renewal.  Bask in deep relaxation while rewinding the clock on cellular aging.  This tool is a favorite among celebrities and often called the "Madonna Fork Facial."  

One treatment typically yields noticable results and lasts for several days.  A series with two a week will give the best, lasting results as the muscles and cells are re-educated.   The series will be determined by a trained esthetician based on cellular health and chronological age. A monthly maintenance treatment will keep the results going strong!  We love it paired with the mineral enzyme therapy!

Essential Microcurrent:  Cleansing massage and lots of firming, lifting, smoothing movements with several different microcurrent applications. $200 each 
* Book a series of 10 (spaced 1 to 2 per week and get the 10th treatment FREE!) 

Sea Glo Enzyme Therapy - Level 2:  Enzyme therapy facial treatment with microcurrent session added.  This treatment rebuilds skin health from the lower levels up and is extremely relaxing.  This combo yields very noticable, lasting results and is a great value!  $299

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** Series is necessary for lasting results. Your esthetician will recommend a plan based on a skin analysis.