Sea Glo Enzyme Therapy


Sea Glo Enzyme Therapy
A very unqiue "Skin Reset" everyone is talking about!

Brings skin back into "homeostasis"
12 Antioxidants including B12, C, E, K and Beta Carotene

18 Amino Acids
42 Trace Elements

Purges and Detoxifies 
Balances Excess Oil and Dryness
Lightens Hyperpigmentation including Melasma

Active Ingredients Include: Laminaria Digitata (fractionated kelp seaweed), Grapefruit Seed Extract, chirally-correct (very stable) L-Lysine, L-Aspartic Acid, L-Glutamic Acid 

Marine Botanical Enzymes dive deep into skin tissue to stimulate cell health and muscle tone for a refreshed complexion that is more smooth, tight and cleansed from the inside.  This unique treatment stimulates circulation and targets cellular health to rewind skin to younger and balanced from the bottom, up. The amino acids tighten muscle and draw oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood into the tissue while lymph moves out toxin build up.  You will completely relax and leave feeling light as a feather and rejuvenated for weeks!  This results-driven therapy works in harmony with proper skin function and is suitable for all skin types.

Contraindications:  Pregnancy, breastfeeding, cancer, pacemaker, phlebitis, open sores, epilepsy, waxing or retinol within last two days. Please refer to the Sensitive Skin Facials by clicking HERE. 

Enzyme Therapy - Level One - includes exfoliation, extractions, mask, customized peptide infusions, foot peel and massage.  $200

Enzyme Therapy - Level Two - same as one with one additional therapy - LED lights, Nano-needling customized peptide infusions, chemical peel or microcurrent.  $275 

Enzyme Therapy - Level Three - same as one with two additional therapies - LED lights, Nano-needling customized peptide infusions, chemical peel or microcurrent.  $325

The skin typically responds really well to switching between different therapies at times.  Your esthetician will guide you to the perfect fit for you based on your skin goals.  Please click on the following results-driven therapies for more information:

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