Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin 
Ignite cellular repair naturally

Sensitive skin typically benefits greatly from wellness therapies that turn on your body's ability the heal itself on a cellular level.  Proper skin analysis will provide direction on which blend of modalities will be most beneficial.  We stock the freshest in organic, natural, chirally correct (very stable) ingredients.

For In-depth skin analysis start with a consultation appointment with home care selection - CLICK HERE


Or we can start with a facial now and include a quick skin analysis to begin.  

Compromised Barrier Repair (CBR) Facial - You choose the time, we will calm, strengthen and rejuvenate!

Essential Corrective CBR - 45 mins - Relaxing, multi-layered skin correction with the necessity steps to refresh and renew from the neck up.  $120

Corrective Hour CBR - 60 mins - Luxurious, multi-layered skin building facial with relaxing massage of declotte, upper back and head.  $180

Signature Corrective CBR - 90 mins - A Cadillac multi-layered skin building facial that will transport your mind, body and soul like a "mini vacation!"  $240