Our facials are Ahhhh-mazing treatments customized to your unique skin type and condition. Great care is taken to assure you have a lovely experience that is skin-nurturing and completly relaxing.  

Best of Science + Best of Nature = Skin-Loving Results


Customized Corrective Facials

Each multi-layered facial is customized to the client’s skin and includes a relaxing cleansing massage, deep pore extractions and a combination of the latest modalities including light chemical peels, polishing enzymes, LED light therapy, calming cold globes, aromatherapy, oxygen and ultrasonic therapy.

Essential Corrective Facial – Relaxing, multi-layered skin correction with the necessity steps to refresh and renew from the neck up.  $120 

Corrective Hour Facial –  Luxurious, multi-layered renewal facial with restoring massage of the declotte, upper back and head. $180 


Signature Corrective Facial – Amazing full-body facial experience to completely rejuvenate your mind and body like a "mini vacation!" $240 

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Targeted Skin Treatments = RESULTS! 


Sea Glo Enzyme Therapy
A very unqiue "Skin Reset" everyone is talking about!

Marine Botanical Enzymes dive deep into skin tissue to stimulate cell health and muscle tone for a refreshed complexion that is more smooth, tight, cleansed from the inside.  This unique treatment stimulates circulation and targets cellular health to rewind skin to younger and balanced from the bottom, up. The amino acids tighten muscle and draw oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood into the tissue while lymph moves out toxin build up.  You will completely relax and leave feeling light as a feather and rejuvenated for weeks!  This results-driven therapy works in harmony with proper skin functino and is suitable for all skin types.

Enzyme Therapy - Level 1 - includes exfoliation, extractions, mask, peptide infusions and massage.  $200

Enzyme Therapy - Level 2 - same as one with one additional therapy - LED lights, Nano-needling infusion, chemical peel or microcurrent.  $275 

Enzyme Therapy - Level 3 - same as one with two additional therapies - LED lights, Nano-needling infusion, chemical peel or microcurrent.  $325



   Nano Infusion Therapy

Nano infusion creates microscopic channels in the outermost layers of the skin to allow better absorption of active ingredients to achieve better client results with no discomfort or downtime. The slight disruption of skin barrier stimulates new collagen, brightens, exfoliates and regenerates new healthy cells. Nano needling can be used by itself, or as an addition to facials, peels, ultrasonic and microcurrent.

Essential Nano Treatment – Relaxing cleansing massage followed by an invigorating nano infusion of targeted peptides for collagen and elastin building, lifting, toning, hydration, and brown spot correction. $150  

Signature Nano Treatment – Amazing skin transformation combines relaxing massage, invigorating nano peptide infusions and nurturing mask to soothe, cool and calm for total renewal.  $200    (*Preferred option for first time nano treatment.)

Deluxe Nano Treatment - Experience a "movie star" facial treatment that indulges the senses in head to toe relaxation with the best in modern skin science to deeply cleanse, polish, infuse and soothe.  A smoothening foot peel and fermented nano peptide mask with LED or microcurrent bring this treatment to the next level!  $260


Acne Clearing Treatments 

We have the winning formulas to control acne conditions from mild to severe. Acne clients must commit to and follow our proven treatment plan protocols to achieve a healthy, blemish-free complexion.

Essential Acne Peel – Deep cleansing massage, two layers of light chemical peel, extractions and soothing cold globes. $80  

Corrective Acne Peel - Combines Essential Acne peel steps with a soothing oxygen treatment, vitamins and calming mask. $120   (*Preferred option for first time acne clients.)


Microcurrent Facial Treatment:  Lift and Firm
Feel the lift and firmness immediately with this healthy "face lift alternative."  This Pro-Youth "electric facial” stimulates and tones deep facial muscles and skin tissue to "reprogram" ATP energy within the cells for noticeable skin renewal.  Bask in deep relaxation while rewinding the clock on cellular aging.  This tool is a favorite among celebrities and often called the "Madonna Fork Facial."  

One treatment typically yields noticable results and lasts for several days.  A series with two a week will give the best, lasting results as the muscles and cells are re-educated.  A monthly maintenance treatment will keep the results on going.  The series will be determined by a trained esthetician.

Essential Microcurrent:  Cleansing massage and lots of firming, lifting, smoothing movements with several different microcurrent applications. $200

Signature Microcurrent:  Essential plus a soothing mask with a combo of micocurrent, LED light therapy or cryo globes $240 

Deluxe Microcurrent:  Signature plus a Nano treatment (see above) brings this treatment to amazing age management results!  $260

** Series is necessary for lasting results. Your esthetician will recommend a plan based on a skin analysis. 




Chemical Peel Treatments 

Express Retinol Peel (Vitamin A) - This amazing light peel can be done in just a few steps to five a lot of rejuvenation with only mild flaking for several days. It gives the skin a healthy glow, improves circulation, and reduces wrinkles and pigmentation due to sun damage. A series of 3 is recommended spaced approximately 14 days apart. $120


Mid-Depth Peel Treatment - This treatment delivers naturally-derived chemical acids halfway into the epidermis giving the skin a safe and predictable exfoliation. It rejuvenates the skin to a healthy glow, reduces the signs of aging and controls acne. Each peel preparation is customized for each client based on skin type, skin condition and specific goals.  This peel process takes about 7 - 10 days to complete. Skin is typically very dry with no visible peeling during the first 48 hours with aggressive shedding to follow.  $200

Deep Peel Treatment - For the ultimate in rejuvenation in the shortest amount of time, this treatment safely reaches the bottom of the epidermis to rebuild healthier, younger skin and control even the worst acne. Each peel preparation is customized for each client based on skin type, skin condition and specific goals.  This peel process takes about 10 - 14 days to complete. Skin is typically very dry with no visible peeling during the first 48 hours with skin darkening and aggressive shedding to follow.  $300